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Tech designed for self driving cars in a vacuum

  • User-Friendly Mobile App

    Use the 360 mobile app to set a cleaning schedule. Intelligent room mapping outlines different areas of your home: name each area to customize specific cleaning instructions for your living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Set off-limit areas by simple touch, and receive notifications from your vacuum when it identifies potential off-limit areas for you to confirm.

  • AI Floor Mapping Technology

    Using state-of-the-art LDS Lidar + SLAM algorithm, the 360 Robot Vacuum draws accurate maps of your floor and plans cleaning routes that ensure high coverage and efficiency, then saves them for later so it will always know its way around.

  • Extended Run Time

    With batteries lasting up to 3 hours per charge, no home is too large for 360.

  • Vacuum + Mopping

    360 vacuums offer you the choice of sweeping, mopping, or both at the same time! 

S10 - $229.99

360 S10 Ultra-Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Mop for Pet Hair with Built-in LiDAR Navigation, dToF Scanning, Anti-Collision, WiFi & Voice Control, Decal – Works with Alexa & Google Home

S9 - $179.99

360 S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Mop for Pet Hair with Advanced AI Floor Mapping, Ultrasonic Anti-Collision Sensor, Wi-Fi & Voice Control - Works with Alexa & Google Home

S7 - $149.99

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Mop for Pet Hair with AI Memory Floor Mapping, Anti-Collision, Self-Charging, Wi-Fi & Voice Control - Works with Alexa & Google Home


"The C50 sweeping robot due to a 2600mAh battery capacity, provides long battery life, and with a 2600Pa Nidec brushless motor, the cleaning effect is really great."

"This is an impressive mid-range robot vacuum, with all the most important features for making sure your robot cleans your house properly" S7

The S9 is an extremely efficient navigator, vacuuming the room in smooth, tight stripes and leaving the floor perfectly clean behind it."